Toni Armanno

The Discovery Group 2019

Toni Armanno

Head Researcher

The Discovery Group

Toni Armanno is an exceptional researcher in the social profit sector, providing top organizations with strategic advice for their fundraising goals for many years. Before joining The Discovery Group as Head Researcher, she established a prospect research unit during her nine years at the BC Cancer Foundation, delivering in-depth and thematic insights on individuals, corporations, and foundations. She has worked independently, collaboratively, and as a respected mentor, with extensive experience in the education and health sectors. As Research Officer in Development and Alumni Engagement at the University of British Columbia, Toni carried out complex research on individuals, corporations, and foundations, leading professional development sessions and overseeing special campaign initiatives. She worked closely with the Superintendent of Schools in her role with the Vancouver Board of Education, acting as the district contact with the Ministry of Education on statutory reporting and province-wide skills testing. Toni values ideas that are both grounded in facts and mindful of caring, and it is this dual perspective that is the root of her success. It is her belief that involvement in the social profit sector is a privilege, and one that advocates change where it makes a difference. With a deep appreciation for art, she can often be found at notable exhibits and performances.